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Please use this wiki page to inform us about your willingness to participate to the 2015 VMC Meeting and to provide us with the details of your travel. This is a fundamental step to allow us to organize the meeting in the best way possible. In particular, please let us know if you plan to participate to the welcome cocktail on June, 30 (18:30) at the venue site (Capodimonte Observatory), and/or to the social dinner (restaurant TBD).

Please note that both the welcome cocktail and the social dinner are included in the registration fee.

Please fill the table below (just press edit and follow the examples. When you finish, click "publish" twice)Edit

Participant Arrival






Welcome cocktail


Social dinner





(e.g. accompanying persons)

Vincenzo Ripepi June, 30 - 8:00 July, 3 - 16:00 Home yes yes no
Marcella Marconi June, 30 - 8:00 July, 3 - 16:00 Home yes yes no
Maria-Rosa Cioni June, 30 - 11:00 July, 3 - 07:00 Hotel Principe yes yes no
Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez June, 29 July, 3 Hotel Napolit'amo Medina yes yes no
Andrés Piatti June 30 -(night) July 6 (midday) Il Portoncino (B&B) no yes no
Martin Groenewegen June, 30 - 12:45 July, 3 - 16:05 Piazza Bellini yes yes no
Maria Ida Moretti June, 30 - 10:00 July, 3 - 16:00 guest house yes yes no
Gisella Clementini June, 30 -


July 3,


guest house yes yes no
Tatiana Muraveva June 30, 12.00 July 3, 16.00 guest house yes yes no
Leo Girardi June 30, 15:00 JUly 2, 19:00 Napolit'amo Medina yes yes no
Jim Emerson June 30 18.40 July 3 17.25 Hotel Napoli'amo Medina no yes no
Rob Blake June 30 - 13:00 July 2 12:00 Grand Hotel Oriente yes yes no
Stefano Rubele June 30 - 13:00 July 2 - 19:00 Hotel Principe Napolit'amo yes yes yes
Valentin D. Ivanov Jun 29, TBC Jul 3, TBC IBIS yes yes no
Massimo Dall'Ora Jun 29 Jul 2 Home Yes Yes No
Ilaria Musella Jun 30 Jul 3 Home no no no
Domitilla de Martino Jun 30 Jul 3 Home No No No
Giuseppina Coppola Jun 30 Jul 3 Home No No No

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